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Do I purchase pieces individually?

StringA-Level is available individually or in kits. The Standard Kit (SLSK-0404) includes 4 red Rigid sections and 4 yellow Flexible sections accommodate a 3' x 5' or smaller shower. The Contractor Kit ( SLSK-1010) includes 10 of each. Both kits include a storage bag. The Flexible and Rigid sections and each of their corresponding bubble vials are also available individually.

Why should I use washers?

Durock, HardieBoard, high/low thread type screws have ribs under the head that help embed them into the hard material. Over time, these ribs start to take a toll on the mounting slots in the levels. The use of washers prevent this wear from happening.

What do I do if StringA-Level doesn't layout perfectly?

Individual sections do not need to interlock in order for StringA-Level to be useful. Their strength and accuracy won't be compromised if sections cease, then begin again around outside corners. Inside corners can be bridged instead of the flexible pieces fitting in tight, etc.