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Why do I need to use Pre-Pitch?

Pre-Pitch produces a properly pitched subfloor UNDERNEATH the pan liner, sloping the liner itself. This encourages water movement towards the drain to escape through the weep holes. This eliminates ponding of stagnant water between the liner and the mud bed inside the liner, This will help reduce mold and bacteria growth.

Your video shows wire lath and tar paper under Pre-Pitch, is this required?

Yes, only on wood sub floors. The wire reinforces the mud bed and the felt paper keeps moisture from being absorbed into the wood subfloor.

How much of a pitch does it create?

Both Pre-Pitch and Quick Pitch create the code minimum requirement ¼ inch fall per foot.

What does “reverse mark” mean?

It's a way of measuring for a cut without using a ruler. Put the thin end of the stick to the wall and mark the cut at the drain, then spin it around and secure in place.

Do I use a weep hole protector with Pre-Pitch?

No. It's installed on top of the liner, not under it.

Is Pre-Pitch attached to the subfloor?

Yes. The correct screws for wood and 2-faced tape for concrete are included in every Pre-Pitch kit.

How large of a shower can Pre-Pitch build?

Just like Quick Pitch, Pre-Pitch will extend 6 feet out from the drain. They both can accommodate up to a 12 foot by 12 foot wet area with a centered floor drain.

Should I level the floor before I use Pre-Pitch?

Only if necessary...when the subfloor is not reasonably flat and level. Pre-Pitch can't correct the subfloor before sloping it properly. In this situation, a self-leveling compound or other means of leveling should be considered prior to installing Pre-Pitch.

Is Pre-Pitch only used with vinyl liner?

Pre-Pitch can also be used to form a "thin bed" type mortar bed that is typically used with Linear Drains for curbless entry showers. This bed would then need to be waterproofed with a sheet membrane type waterproofing to the drain before being tiled