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Explain why you manufacture 3 different Quick Pitch kits?

Standard Quick Pitch Kit (QPK-101) includes 6 sticks and the center ring that holds the sticks around the drain riser. This kit is for an area in which the distance from the walls or curb do not exceed 36 inches from the drain.

Extra Float Stick Kit (XFS-101.2) includes 4 standard sticks and is generally needed for curved custom showers or showers with more than 4 walls. Also for use where drains are 36 inches or less from the walls.

Extended Float Stick Kit (EFS-103) include 4 sticks that engage into the ends of the Standard Sticks extending the sticks up to 72 inches long. Keep in mind that if Extended Float Sticks will be used, you will most likely require Extra Float Sticks because all the float stick ends should be 2-2 ½ ft. from each other for easier screeding, so addional float sticks will often be needed.

Does Quick Pitch produce a level perimeter?

No, this approach severly increases the amount of slope to the floor overall. If a level perimeter is desired, raise the stick ends up to a level line with the 4-to-1 mud mixture, then fill the cells and screed to the top of the sticks as normal. Keep in mind that this could create an unsightly shaped floor surface. We recommend allowing Quick Pitch to perform as designed and it will create the perfect slope as shown in the installation video.

Will Quick Pitch work for off center drains?

Yes. Our installation video demonstrates an installation with the drain at one end as in a tub being removed to create a shower.

Won't Pre-Pitch and Quick Pitch together double the pitch to ½ inch?

No. The Quick Pitch Center Ring rests on top of the clamping flange bolt heads of the drain, which raises the system up to allow for water to flow to the weep holes. This compensates for the Pre-Pitch, eliminating the doubling of the pitch.

Do I have to use your drain and liner?

Quick Pitch will work with all liners and all standard adjustable riser shower drains.

Will Quick Pitch work without using Pre-Pitch?

Yes, but both are recommended when 40mil Vinyl Liner is used for waterproofing. In many areas it is against plumbing codes to build a shower without some type of subfloor slope under the liner.

What should I use to set the tile to the mortar bed?

A latex modified thin set is recommended.

Is cracking ever an issue where the float sticks are in the mud bed?

No, the float stick design allows the cement mix to surround them and becomes structurally reinforcing, similar to wire in concrete.